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Your best space to find experts for your missions.

We connect the best freelancers and startups with companies and individuals wishing to carry out freelance projects with the best quality / price ratio using artificial intelligence algorithms and our technical knowledge.
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About us

Khdemti platform is an electronic trading platform designed to connect entrepreneurs and companies a range of the best independents in various fields in order to help them accomplish their mission and projects, on the other hand provides for a set of independent daily projects to be completed and to get them financial gain.

For this platform strives to provide a safe space and provider of updates in order to provide the best services for entrepreneurs, companies, freelancers and independents as well.

Through Khdemti platform, you can add a project you want to implement it or develop it easy to get a range of offers from the best independent, and then choose from right offer according to your requirements to to send a notification to the freelancer about project, as the platform provides a range of means to provide better communication between the two parties.
Khdemti guarantees the rights of both platform parties (entrepreneur or independent), because it follows the path of the project from the beginning until the end.

Khdemti the company is a company based in 7 Residance Naim Étage 2 Appt 5 Sidi Maarouf, Casablanca – Morocco

how it works ?

Khdemti operates via a search engine companies consult freelance profiles available. If I search for a freelance JAVA developer on Paris for a one month mission, I have only to enter these keywords, and Khdemti returns a list of freelance results available which I can consult the profile page.

Once I find the freelances whose profile interests me, I can contact them and exchange with them by the platform. It is also possible for the two parties to communicate by telephone, or even see themselves physically, before that, Khdemti call the 6 best freelancers in each mission that exceeded 12 performances and makes a telephone interview with them to recommend the best for the wearer Of the project. Khdemti then allows the freelance to carry out its quote via the site, and be paid.

Our billing system allows us to guarantee to the freelance the solvency of the customer, and to ensure a payment to D + 2 of the end of mission! At the end of the mission, the company leaves an opinion on the freelance, which will enrich its profile page, raise its profile in our search results, and allow it to get new customers.

On the other hand, Khdemti advisors can accompany clients free of charge in their search for freelancers, in order to find the person available and which best corresponds to their need. This service is necessary because we know that our customers do not necessarily have the time to do the research on their own.


Some numbers ?

Already more than 210.000+ qualified freelancers offer their services on Khdemti, this freelance community is for us the most important. We launched a month ago. Already several dozen missions have been contracted through Khdemti etc ...
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Our start date

After 7 months of continuous work, Khdemti was launched Khdemti in First October 2016.

By cons, after a year with the beta, the launch of the stable version of Khdemti was in October 2017.

Khdemti was launched on October 2018 based on the Khdemti

What is our business model ?

Working between the client and the freelance, we retain 15% of the amount paid to the customer.

The service therefore costs nothing to the freelancer or the company if there is no mission carried out, but we retain this "fee" on the freelance payment only in case of success. This is a real novelty compared to what exists on the market where either companies have to pay to post a mission, or the freelancers to respond, without any guarantees !

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1 October 2018

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ADP Inc.
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7 Residance Naim Étage 2 Appt 5 Sidi Maarouf, Casablanca – Maroc

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