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To ensure your rights, please verify that you follow the rules :


#1 Draft your project in a detailed manner clearly specifying all the points that the freelancer must take into account in order to get the best offers appropriate for your project and remember to set the deadline and budget.
#2 Any information you give to the freelancer is at your own risk: passwords, telephone number, personal accounts etc ... you take full responsibility!
#3 You will not be able to modify the data of your project after receiving the first offer of a freelancer.
#4 When you are faced with problems with the freelancer, try to resolve them in a friendly way, as long as you do not receive the project, he will not receive his income.
#5 After accepting the freelancer's offer, you can contact him within the same project, without the need for any other means of communication (out of
#6 When the freelancer finishes your project, you will receive an alert, if you have modifications or incomplete information in this project, you can ask the freelancer to add or modify them before the project is delivered.
#7 Do not use External Transfers, do not ask for any other means of communication (e-mail, social networks...) Khdemti doesn't protect you if the communication made off-site and this will be a cause to blocking your account.
#8 You do not need to discuss points not specified in the project description, and remember to discuss all the specific details given by the freelancer before he agrees to carry out your project and start work.
#9 You can communicate with any freelancer after it adds an offer on your own project, the freelancer can adjust the offer data after contacting you
#10 In case you receive a project, which means that you got exactly what you wanted, communication between you is over and the freelancer has got its work benefits and you can not cancel the project or ask for a change after the delivery.
#11 If you do not receive a response to finish the project Within the specified time, You can cancel and terminate the agreement and evaluate this freelancer.


#1 You will not be able to modify the offer after adding Save in case the contractor contact you, then you are able to modify it.
#2 Ask precisely the details of the project you choose to realize before you start the job and specify what you are going to do, do not ask for information that you do not need them like phone number and Passwords
#3 You can contact the contractor at any time before and after it accepts your offer.
#4 When you face problems with the recruiter, try to solve them amicably, as long as you do not send the project, you will not receive your income.
#5 After you finish the project, click the Transfer Project button to notify the contractor.
#6 When you bid on projects to do work it will cause a waste of time for companies through delays in implementation or non-application and all this will evaluate your account negatively and risk its closing.
#7 The use of other means of communication or requests through the site is prohibited and involves a loss of warranty and protection of the Khdemti, and this may be the cause to close your account.
#8 Your offer must be clear and detailed on the chosen project, study the project and specify the budget and the timing of you.
#9 After the contractor accepts your offer, the amount of the project will be booked from the balance of his account in Khdemti, and you will receive the amount when the project is received by its owner
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