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Overwhelming numbers of freelancers are emerging nowadays, mainly due to the fact that freelancing jobs are becoming more and more popular by the year. Think about it, why feel like you’re limited to the company you’re working for? You’re a human being with passions, ambitions and dreams ready...

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Tips for Freelancers
08 September 2018
The age of freelancing has begun. Now, freelancers are the future. You should not waste time, not even a second, and rush to take part in this future. Nowadays, both large and small-scale companies are searching for competent freelancers. Compared to traditional employment methods, freelance work offers...

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Tips for Entrepreneurs
30 August 2018
Best ways to choose the right price for your freelance work Plenty of people can’t figure out how to choose the right price for their work, especially if we are talking about those who are making their first steps into this field not knowing the ins and outs of freelance work. So, in this article,...

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Tips for Freelancers
28 August 2018
You may have heard of a new term being thrown around, gripping the attention of a newly liberated and worldly curious generation: the ‘digital nomad’ phenomenon. The title ‘digital nomad’ has been roaming around lately, bouncing off conversations, apparent on our social media feeds, and written...

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Tips for Freelancers
27 August 2018

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