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When it comes to entrepreneurship and small business management, I personally, I’m a big advocate for writing things down and creating meticulously organized to do lists, I’ve even tried out a few organization apps (Teux Deux is my favorite). However, if creating entrepreneurship business plans isn’t...

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Tips for Freelancers
14 August 2018
Let’s be honest with ourselves here; having a freelancing career has a lot of ups, but it also has its fair share of downs too. You can “go to work” in your PJs if you want to. Yay! But wait, you don’t get paid vacations or any other benefits that usually come with a regular desk job. Boo… Being...

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Tips for Entrepreneurs
09 July 2018
Losing motivation is quite easy especially in a career like freelancing. There is little certainty with regards to things such as monthly earnings and client acquisition. It’s even easier to lose motivation when you’re into freelancing for the money and haven’t grown passion for what you do. Key...

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Tips for Freelancers
28 May 2018
One of the things any successful business owner or freelancer will tell you is that you need to retain happy clients. If they are not happy they will not stay in the business relationship with you.In turn, keeping them happy helps you to build a bigger client base. It is important to build a steady base...

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Tips for Freelancers
16 May 2018

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